Andreas Wagner, Guitar visual

Welcome to my website.

My Name is Andreas Wagner (aka MacAndrews).
I am a independent DIY musician, mainly guitar, composer and a music producer.
You are interested in music? Than let the music play!

Some tracks by the CD "Recuerdos" by my music project "Rumba del Sol". Gitano Urbano Amor Perdido Recuerdos Noche Arabe Rumba Latina Abril

> Freedownload mp3 CD "Recuerdos" by "Rumba del Sol" for private use.

> Listen to "RaggaChill" by Rumba del SolWhen the sun goes down and the moon shines up

Crescent Moon Stream

Single Tracks

June24 Day By Day Far Away Sunray Slowdown Crescent Moon Blue Steel

♫ Thank you for listening. Contact: andreas (at)